*CHILLING DISCOVERY* Obama Portrait Reveals Frightening Image Hidden In Plain Sight

For those who already think the recently unveiled portrait of former President Barack Obama is strange & creepy, just wait until you see THIS!

The ancient Biblical tale of the serpent in the book of Genesis tells us about Satan tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden. It seems the creator of this presidential artwork is regaling the same story, with Obama as the sinister central figure.

As you can see in this bizarre illustration, Barack sits among the array of flowers & leaves, suggesting that he rests in a type of garden. 

This may seem innocuous enough, unless you notice the metaphorical imagery, evoking the memory of such a disturbing event in ancient history. 

Let's take a look at Obama's right hand...

You don't need to look too diligently to see the frightening image of a SNAKE!

You can see the dark, foreboding eye notched in Barack's middle knuckle, as his pinky finger opens the mouth of the serpent. Then, this freakish depiction is tied together by the vast foliage which comprises a garden.

So many millennia ago, the devil, disguised as a snake, desecrated the innocence of mankind in our world's first beautiful garden.

Could this be a divine "accident" influenced by God to show us the real Barack Obama? 

Valentines Massacre: What Is The Most Outrageous V-Day Gift?

Happy Valentines Pay

In the history of love's most sacred day, thousands of lovers scramble to find the perfect symbol of such grand affection for their partners.  

But, sometimes, our fervent effort becomes a cautionary tale for those intent upon discovering the greatest gift ever bestowed! 

Even more disturbingly, the cost of this mindset can set you back to the point where your relationship could suffer from financial stress.
The best example of Valentine's Day frivolity can be revealed through celebrity behavior. 

Let's examine a short list of crazy V-Day presents by famous crazy people:

  • Angelina Jolie once bought her ex, brad Pitt, a 200 year old olive tree for their French Chateau.
  • Rap Mogul Jay-Z bought his wife Beyonce an entire island for $20 million. 
  • Kylie Jenner bought a BENTLEY for her boyfriend, Tyga, soon after he lost his Ferrari to repossession.
  • The record label, Interscope, bought their client, Lady Gaga, a white horse!

Obviously, these folks have enough money to blow on this kind of extravagance, but the average lovebird must beware of the Valentines Massacre that awaits them for placing monetary value above sentimental thoughtfulness. 

With this in mind, tell me at least one of the most insane gifts you have given to your partner.

Let's make this interesting!

The Best Way To Get Free Bitcoin & Other Popular Cryptocurrency

Just like me, you are kicking yourself for not investing in Bitcoin when it was worth just a few pennies per bit. Those same pennies would have garnered you thousands of dollars each in just a few years.

But then again, hindsight works the same in the computer age as it has since the dawn of humanity, so there is only one way to move past your failures: Go ahead & take some risks that might bring success this time!

Now, you might wonder how to make a fortune with no real cash to speak of, which is why you came to my article in the first place. It's funny how that word "FREE" gets so much attention nowadays. 

What if I told you it is possible to earn cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, with no money, & no more than a cellphone and/or a Windows/Mac computer.

If you have already heard of crypto mining, then you might stop reading right now, because too many naysayers have warned us about the prohibitive cost for all the high end digital equipment needed to mine enough worthwhile coinage. 

But WAIT !!!

There is a way to mine this money without all the expensive computers, & it costs virtually nothing but the electricity you use to juice up your digital devices. 

There are platforms online that you can use to mine your cryptos, & the site owners simply get a very small percentage of your take. 

Therein lies the reason for the existence of these setups. Instead of paying for all the high cost equipment themselves, they can create a great way to use millions of other people's processors, & achieve an even bigger result than trying to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of processing hardware.  

Your benefit is good as well, albeit on a smaller scale. 

Greater still, some platforms give you a huge BONUS if you are willing to share their system for others to use. They will pay you a percentage of all the production from miners you recruited to their site, for several generations down the line. 

One perfect example of this cool system is MINERGATE

With this cool system, you can mine all the most popular cryptocurrencies using your desktop, laptop, and/or cellphones & tablets. 

With your Windows & Mac systems, you will download a program that has an incredible little feature called SMART MINING. The program will automatically mine the specific currency that has the highest exchange rate during the last hour. This means you will get the absolute MOST out of your mining time & efforts. 

For Android & Apple systems, you will simply download the MINERGATE app & get right to work digging your way to a fortune!

This Can't Be True?

I realize this all sounds too good to be true, so now I will give you the old "No such thing as a free lunch" disclaimer. 

Yes, you will get actual cryptocurrency with this method, but it might seem a bit scant, especially on older, slower processing hardware. 

Because of this, I won't promise you untold wealth, but I WILL tell you that in this brave new world of digital money, a little bit can go a long way.

As we have seen recently with Bitcoin, the early investors who bought a few hundred dollars worth back then, became multimillionaires today. 

So, if you are willing to dive into the water of this next incredible revolution, this is a great way to get started, & earn while you learn. The small amounts that start trickling in might not seem worth your time, but all it takes is for one of those low value currencies to rocket up like Bitcoin did, & your pennies instantly become thousands of dollars. 

So, why not put some of your old cellphones & computers to good use again? Instead of collecting dust, they can collect some MONEY. 


I am not an expert in cryptocurrency or any financial aspects. Please consult with professionals before investing resources into any venture, and as always, enter at your own risk. 

Taco Bell Finally Took Michaelantonio's Advice, & You Will LOVE IT !!!

In a stunning turn of events that broke a decade of stubborn resistance, Taco Bell has blinked against my relentless pressure of convincing them to up the ante on their menu.

For many years I spent more of my dining dime on Del Taco, primarily because they offered delicious crinkle cut fries which complemented their hearty tacos & burritos perfectly. 

Now, The Bell will sell FRENCH FRIES to America's eager eaters who were previously forced to go elsewhere for their sizzling spuds!

CNBC reports, 
The Dollar Menu war is coming and Taco Bell isn't pulling any punches.
The innovative fast food Mexican chain owned by Yum Brands announced Wednesday that it will begin selling Nacho Fries for a limited time starting Jan. 25 for $1.
Dollar Delicacies  
It has long been speculated that Taco Bell would be bringing this international menu item to the U.S., especially after the company held market tests in West Virginia and California last spring.This newest addition to Taco Bell's menu comes just a month after the company said it would introduce 20 $1 menu items in test markets and nationwide this year. The restaurant's dollar menu already contains more than 20 items ranging from breakfast tacos to cinnamon twists.
Already two fast food giants have followed suit with Jack in the Box's "Value Done Jack's Way," a a value menu with items priced between $1 and $5 and McDonald's relaunching its previously discontinued Dollar Menu with a new three-tiered value menu that includes items ranging from $1 to $3.
 But WAIT, There's MORE !!!
Customers can order Taco Bell's new seasoned fries with a side of nacho cheese from the dollar menu or opt to make the order "Supreme" — adding pico de gallo, beef and sour cream on top — for $2.49 or "Bell Grande" — all the same toppings as the "Supreme," just larger — for $3.49.
In addition, Taco Bell will be including this new menu item in its $5 box, which comes with the fries, a Doritos Locos taco, a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and a medium drink.
As consumers enjoy more and more dining options, restaurants remain focused on value, convenience and quality to stay competitive. For Taco Bell, limited-time offers and value promotions have been a steady part of the playbook.
Taco Bell told CNBC that its $1 menu items garnered more than $500 million in sales in 2017 and its $5 boxes, which often contain its limited-time offerings, generated an additional $1 billion in sales for the brand.
Taco Tweet

This incredible fresh fry offer from Taco Bell should prompt a clever quip from President Trump, given his affinity for fast foods:

You Won't Believe What A Bills Fan Threw Onto The Field... WAIT, It's Buffalo. You WILL believe it!

For the second season in a row, one Buffalo Bills fan tossed a sex toy out on the turf at New Era Field.

As Buffalo battled the Patriots, Gene Steratore & other officials launched a close inspection of the phallic foreign object laying at the 21 & a half yard line.
Then, a wise official swept the offensive pickle to the sideline with the end of his down marker staff, where it was wrapped in a towel & removed from the field.

Stranger Things

If that wasn't crazy enough, a HAZMAT crew was called in to analyze the object for possible danger.

If you wonder why such vile behavior has been perpetrated, the answer may rest upon the attitudes of football fans in Buffalo. 

Someone did the same thing last year when new England came to town, but I have a suspicion there is more at play here.

For more than a few years, their belittled Bills have been giving them the shaft for a long time, so one brave athletic supporter decided to return the favor...

As it turns out, the fans are still taking a beating, as Buffalo got spanked by New England, 23-3...