MICHAELANTONIO - The NEW Love Song Cure, Acoustically Speaking...

The Time has come for a fresh reprisal of The Cure's classic 'LOVE SONG.' Many from this new generation have not heard the song, & it's time they finally discovered the true magic of the glorious 80's! Check it out !!!


If you like the old full band version, listen here... 



Did Paul McCartney Die In 1966? Here's The Evidence, YOU Decide

A few years ago, I stumbled upon an intriguing documentary claiming strong evidence that 'Beatles' star Paul McCartney was killed in a 1966 car accident, & the band was forced to cover it up using a surgically enhanced look-a-like(Billy Shears) who they code named, 'FAUL.'

Paul McCartney Really Is Dead, chronicles the the alleged death of Paul & the subsequent cover ups & clues which lead us to unearthing the truth about this bizarre tale. It is told through secret, unauthorized audio recordings from Beatles mate, George Harrison, who spills these startling revelations in his own last testament shortly after he was stabbed by a crazy assailant. 

WARNING: The Video Below Is DISTURBING, & Highly Persuasive



Although this controversial expose` triggered my intrigue into its authenticity, & a bit of anxiety that this all could be a disturbing reality, I ultimately dismissed it as another sensationalized promo reel for Machiavellian entities promoting the Beatles Brand.

But recently, more evidence began to emerge that might give us a reason to believe in the possibility of Paul's untimely demise, & the conspiracy to follow...




In a startling turn of events, Ringo Starr was reported to have told The Hollywood Enquirer that Paul really died!

Allegedly, Starr cried, 
When Paul Died, we all panicked!
Then, he explained how their ruse began innocently:
We didn’t know what to do, and Brian Epstein, our manager, suggested that we hire Billy Shears as a temporary solution.
It was supposed to last only a week or two, but time went by and nobody seemed to notice, so we kept playing along. Billy turned out to be a pretty good musician and he was able to perform almost better than Paul.
The only problem was that he couldn’t get along with John, at all.
Fake News?  

Many experts & naysayers claim there is no proof in any of the extensive research findings, nor do they believe Ringo Starr was ever involved in such an interview. 

To further throw water on this fire, each of the band members themselves have discounted this unbelievable story as as pure malarkey. But, should we simply accept the assertions of these music legends as an honest rebuttal, or is there something else in play?  

One Clue Left On The Sgt. Peppers Album Cover
If you watched the rockumentary above, you know the level of forces that came to bear upon this franchise & the grand stakes involved. 

If Paul McCartney did actually perish that fateful day in '66, the entire bedrock of modern music would have died with him, & the landscape of entertainment on this planet would be very different today. 

Stipulating such a tragedy, the only way to avoid utter disaster is a cleverly designed ruse to maintain the status quo...

Now We Have Motive, As The Evidence Grows...


There are plausible reasons to believe this whole story is phony, but perhaps the most compelling argument to trust in Paul's demise & the advancing conspiracy rests in the results of a simple DNA test, not available until a few years ago. 

Conveniently, it turns out, the man who we assume is Paul McCartney, had his blood tested, & the prognosis will blow your mind!

According to The Mysterydecoders , McCartney was court ordered to take a DNA test after German woman, Bettina Krischbin claimed she was Paul's daughter from a brief relationship he had with her mother, Erika Hubers in the early 60's. 

Shortly after her birth, McCartney's lawyer paid Hubers 16,000 German marks to keep his involvement a secret. Furthermore, Paul's name was on Bettina's birth certificate as DADDY!

For 12 years, Erika withheld the truth from her daughter, & when the child became an adult, Bettina demanded a paternity test. 


Sir McCartney submitted his sample, & to the great dismay of mother & daughter, there was NO MATCH!  

Hubers claims that she was 100% faithful during her relationship with the Beatle, so Erika filed a complaint with the prosecutor to challenge the results. She absolutely believes that a BODY DOUBLE was used to render the DNA sample negative. 

Is it possible that Paul's body double was in fact, Billy Shears, his DEAD RINGER?

We may never uncover the truth of this mystery, but we know there are too many loose ends which clearly do NOT add up here... 

Check Out The Mysterydecoder 
Examination Of The McCartney Mystery

*Incredible White House Invitation* Who's Coming To Trump's Turf?

Since the beginning of civilization, mankind has been a witness to grand miracles & strange bedfellows.  

Nations & individuals divided by bitter war have come together against all odds in healing unity. 

America's Union North guided the Confederate South back to our glorious fold, Japan made peace with the United States after a bloody, brutal conflict, while Oscar Madison & Felix Unger lived together as polar personality opposites. 

AND... If President Trump gets his way, our modern era will yield no exceptions to the aforementioned marvels. 

This unbelievable rumor reveals, The POTUS is preparing a summit with his staunchest critics in entertainment & sports, INCLUDING none other than Colin Kaepernick!


Conservative Fighters reports,   

Outspoken Trump supporter and influential clergyman Darrell Scott dropped an unexpected announcement about White House outreach to one of its harshest critics.
And the liberal meltdown is already getting hysterical. 

The Unpopular Prophecy
The spark came Friday, when People magazine published an interview with Scott that signaled Trump is willing to meet with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Kaepernick and other emissaries from the worlds of sports and entertainment.
“He is 100 percent for it,” Scott told People. “He was very enthusiastic about it.”
The magazine reported that Scott, co-founder of the non-denominational New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, spoke with Trump privately in the Oval Office on Thursday after a National Day of Prayer ceremony on the White House grounds. 

Rudy To The Rescue
On Thursday, Politico also reported that Scott was working with Trump lawyer and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to host multiple summits on race issues at the White House.
Scott said those invited would include rapper entrepreneur Kanye West, who has made a splash of headlines lately with his support for Trump, as well former Cleveland Brown and NFL legend Jim Brown.
However, People’s report was the first time Kaepernick’s name was mentioned and liberals went bananas.
Check out some of these Twitter responses from the Twitter feed of liberal Sirius XM host Joe “The Black Eagle” Madison. The self-righteous paranoia would be funny if it weren’t so infuriating.
There were some angry Tweets by a few liberal pundits, such as this:

That’s a small sample, but it’s a pretty good indicator of where liberals stand on Trump. If he criticizes athletes like Kaepernick who openly, publicly disrespect the American flag, he’s a racist.
If he reaches out to athletes like Kaepernick, he’s a racist. If he ignores athletes like Kaepernick, he’s a racist.
Same old story: Heads liberals win. Tails conservatives lose.
How Kaepernick might feel about the proposal isn’t known. A representative told the Huffington Post on Friday that the ex-quarterback wasn’t available for interviews.
Political Pouting
But we know how Kaepernick’s supporters feel — which is not interested one bit in any kind of positive discussion about improving things in America. They just want to stew in their own discontent, and spread the misery around as much as possible to help Democrats in November’s midterms.
According to Scott, the idea of the talks to is to try lower the racial tension in this country by hosting White House meetings from across the spectrum.
“We don’t want to sanitize it,” Scott told People. “I want people from the left to attend. I want it to get heated, but I want it to be respectful.”
He put it another way to Politico, noting the meetings would aim for “understanding, a lessening of hostility, a truce, a peace accord.”
“This might be harder to do than the Korean talks,” he said.
If the liberal reaction is any indication, he’s dead right about that.
So if Korean peace doesn’t get Trump a Nobel, maybe Colin Kaepernick will.

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Jumping The Gun 


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*EXCLUSIVE* Interviews With Rocky Balboa & Darth Vader: Shocking Revelations!

Once in awhile, we get the rare opportunity to encounter famous icons in our culture.

In my case, I got the chance to spotlight two such great personalities, & get an intimate glimpse into their lives.

For your listening pleasure, here I present a few choice snippets of my interviews with the legendary Rocky Balboa & Darth Vader...